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Mole Group Adds a Touch of Splendor to the Changsha Construction Expo

ChangSha Xinhua News Agency


Mole Group: A Key Exhibitor at the Event, Contributing to Roofing Materials

[Changsha ], [13rd to 15th OCT] - The prestigious Changsha Construction Expo has welcomed a significant participant this year, with the Mole Group playing a pivotal role in showcasing its expertise as a prominent materials exhibitor. In an exclusive interview with our news team, Mole Group shared insights into its innovative approach, focusing on water drainage systems to enhance roofing materials.
Mole Group's remarkable contributions to the roofing materials industry were a highlight of the event. Their advanced solutions, particularly in water drainage systems, have been instrumental in elevating the quality of building materials for roof construction.

To celebrate their achievements and strengthen relationships with key suppliers from across the country, Mole Group hosted a grand banquet. This gathering provided an opportunity for professionals from various regions to come together, fostering collaboration and collectively contributing to the industry's brilliance.

As a pioneering materials exhibitor, Mole Group continues to lead the way in advancing building materials, and their presence at the Changsha Construction Expo has solidified their position as an industry innovator.

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About Mole Group:
Mole Group is a leading provider of innovative building materials, specializing in water drainage systems and roofing solutions. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Mole Group plays a significant role in enhancing the construction industry's standards.

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