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Moeller color aluminum water system Aluminum Alloy plate sur...

The coating treatment of aluminum and aluminium alloy sheet is divided into two treatment methods: pre roll and post coating. Moeller color aluminum water system for Aluminum Alloy material surface coating method for coating processing is relatively common, in electrostatic powder spraying, mature electrostatic powder coating of organic polymer coatings on Aluminum Alloy surface treatment has developed rapidly in recent years, the industry is currently widely used.
Moeller color aluminum water system
Moeller color aluminum water system for electrostatic powder spraying process: degreasing pickling "" chemical conversion film "curing" electrostatic spraying.
The three steps of degreasing, pickling and chemical conversion are collectively called surface chemical treatment of aluminum alloy sheet. Surface chemical treatment, usually chemical pretreatment, to make the surface clean, no oxide film or bright surface state, in order to ensure and improve the quality of the subsequent surface anodizing.
Square rainwater pipes for surface chemical treatment
Fundamentals of electrostatic powder spraying:
The formation of a high-voltage corona discharge electric field between the gun and workpiece, when the powder particles ejected by the spray gun nozzle after discharge area, then set a large number of electrons and become negatively charged particles, the electrostatic attraction under the action of the adsorbed to the workpiece with a positive charge. When the powder is attached to a certain thickness, it will happen "repulsion", cannot absorb powder, so that the thickness of powder layer of each part is uniform, then by heating curing powder into a uniform film laminar flat.
Electrostatic powder spraying has the following characteristics:
1, a coating can be a thicker coating, such as coating 100~300 m coating, using ordinary general solvent coating, coating about 4~6 times, and with powder coating, you can reach this thickness at one time. The corrosion resistance of the coating is very good.
2, powder coating without solvent, no three waste pollution, improved labor hygiene conditions.
3 、powder electrostatic spraying and other new processes, high efficiency, suitable for automatic line coating, powder utilization rate, can be recycled.
4, in addition to thermosetting epoxy, polyester, acrylic, there are a lot of thermoplastic resistant grease can be used as powder coating, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, fluorinated polyether, nylon, polycarbonate and all kinds of fluorine resin etc..
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